Friday, 31 July 2015

Meet... Electricitor

Walking to daycare this morning, Tommy invented his own superhero without provocation. He calls him Electricitor. (wicked name buddy!) 

He is bald, made of metal, cannot die, cannot be hurt by fire, and he shoots electricity that he makes from the sun. He is like he is because he got struck by lightning. He has no tongue. He cannot fly, but he can use electricity to shock jump him anywhere he wants to go (like a Hulk jump).

Awesome sauce. :P #‎comicBookInspiration

I put together a rendition but I think Tommy wants something "meaner". He says he already can't wait until Electricitor turns into a bad guy "like all the other superheroes do now". lol

Kids are so creative. What has your son or daughter "made up" that made you go "Hmmmmm...."?

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