Saturday, 15 August 2015

Team Green 

The kids and the coach... melancholy. 

Fantastic last game today - really closely contested. There was a young lad on the other team named Flynn who was EASILY the best kid we played all year - what a great little player - kept it a game or it would have been a slaughter. I actually saw something from the kids they don't usually have to display - stamina. End of game... we rolled over them finally. And convincingly.

What an incredible experience this year has been. So fulfilling to have 16 hungry eyes looking at you every week just waiting for you to teach them something. Only makes the "beautiful game" that much more beautiful. My thanks to everyone but especially to Jenn for her awesome soccer momming. Today she made all the kids water bottle goodie bags... so smart. Most of the kids forgot all about the medal they got. Kudos.

I thought I would create a graphic for the kids and their Facebook pages...

Roll on Team Green!!! The season may be over but the memories will last forever. Thank you all for an incredibly rewarding experience.

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