Monday, 28 December 2015

Why You Deceptive Little...

So the wee lad had a play date today, and when it came time to go - and more importantly clean-up - this little exchange took place between T and his friend:

E: "I'm the best cleaner upper in the world."

T: "Oh wow, that's fantastic. Well I think everybody should be the best in the world at something and if that's what your best at E, I don't want to get in your way or do anything to stop that. So you go ahead"

** crickets **

Both parents, and the other little playmate all just looked at each other, like:

"Did that just happen?"

He possesses the ever elusive qualities of a 9-year old already. Lord help us all.

Dude was smooth though, I have to admit. If you put him on a used car lot, he'd already write bank, and he isn't even 5 yet.

You try say "No" to him and watch him wrap you in his spider web of child deception. Poetic brilliance.

Love that little boy. lol

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