Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Reading Rolling

Me: "So how's his reading coming along, reading with you?"
ECE: "Funny you should ask actually - very well - we're already moving him to the B group."
Me: "Already?"
ECE: "The A group books are just too easy for him. He's already bored."
Me: "How many groups are there?"
ECE: "3. A through C."
Me: "With the idea that by the end of senior kindergarten they are through the C category?"
ECE: "Yes."
Me: "And do you think Tommy will be through the C category by the end of Junior kindergarten?"
ECE: "Undoubtedly."
Me: "Well then what does he do next year?"
ECE: "I think we both know the gifted program is the only place for Tommy."

Of course I think that, I'm his dad. Real nice to have it validated though.


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