Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Use the force ThugDaddy!

While reading Non-Conventional Feeding Habits
  I had my own revelation about feeding those little ones that can't yet feed themselves. Now maybe it's just me, but somehow I seem to think there are plenty of other Thugdaddies out there that possess the same Jedi mind powers that I do. Tell me you've never done this:

Feeding time!  You have your little one sitting up in the high chair all strapped in. You open up the jar of apple sauce (or some other delectable baby food) and there he is leaning forward, mouth gaping ready for that first rubber coated spoon full. In it goes... his action slows for a few seconds, eyes fixed on you, slowly manipulating the apple moosh around his gums as he deciphers what that heck you just put in his mouth. Then suddenly, the look comes over him like he was just reunited with a long lost friend and all the joy and excitement come out of him. His hands grasping the tray, pulling himself forward and legs flailing underneath, you continue happily shoveling spoon full after spoon full of yummy apple moosh into his cute little face.
Then comes inevitable distraction. All attention to food has now been diverted to the TV, Cat, Dog, Shutting of the front door, it could be anything. So you call his name...  gently pulling on his little finger...


 Trying you move his attention back to you, you reach out with the slightest tug on his chin. Now, if your like me your more likely peeling his little hands off the back of the high chair as he has now turned completely around because you for some reason thought that this time would be different.

 So now he's really strapped in only this time he's looking at you with that "I'm determined not to eat look."  You know you've got a challenge in front of you. Mano y Mano!

So what do you do? You go for the powerful Jedi Mind control technique!

You know the one. Going in with that rubber coated spoon full of apple moosh you say "Mmmmm... Yum Yum!!" and with all your might You open your mouth as if somehow just by shear will power your mouth will open his mouth, letting you shovel in that ever lovin' spoonful. Yea... Not so much! No such luck! But you don't give in? No Way! Digging down deeper you open your mouth as wide as you possibly can get it... "Aaahhhh!" Surely he can't fend of the power of the force! You are a Jedi Dark Scythe Lord ThugDaddy. He will succumb!...  Then just at that moment he looks up at you and smiles with a big open mouthed grin and those little teeth poking through! Your heart melts and you shovel in that heaping spoonful of apple moosh right into his Cute little face. And so it goes, over and over.  Opening your mouth to control his until the bottle is empty.    You win!  He's fed and happy. Once again, all it right with the world!

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  1. You get him to open on just the second issuance of mind control? Your kung fu is strong young Jedi. Great stuff John!