Thursday, 10 January 2013

Non-Conventional Feeding Habits?

There's no such thing. I get that we all want our children to sit quietly at the table, never say a word, and eat whatever is put in front of them; but if you have a child like that, it probably comes with batteries. Actual kids are often a lot tougher to handle when it comes to eating.

Here are three #thugdaddytips that might raise an eyebrow or two, but don't even try and tell me that you ain't gonna try one or all of them, the next time junior won't eat.

1) Scavenger Hunt - this isn't anything time consuming or difficult, just take a few pieces of what you are trying to feed junior, and put them in places that he usually walks - in front of the television set, on the table in front of the couch. Leave the bowl of whatever you were trying to feed him in plain view as well, but just make sure that you have 3-4 pieces strewn all over the place for him to pick up and eat.

My theory on this one is that often times... kids just want to feel like it was 'on their terms.' If they get to feel liek they 'found it' and had the choice to pick it up and eat it, my experience is that often they will. And then they will eat the bowl sitting there for them too. Yes, even if it was the food that they just refused to take from you at the dinner table.

Obviously this tip won't work for Chicken Soup, but it's a great way to piece a grilled cheese sandwich into a finnicky eater.

2) Feed them dessert first. "What?!?!?!?" you're saying. I don't mean give them a bowl of cake and ice cream or anything, but if you're having trouble getting the ball rolling - try giving the youngster a little bit of his FAVORITE food first and see if that doesn't make him eat some of the other stuff too. I usually use a piece of banana or apple, but have used things like a couple of potato chips too. Remember, you're just trying to spurn them to eat SOMETHING at that point, so once they start, don't hesitate to go back to trying to feed them their dinner again.

3) Let them see you feed YOURSELF the same thing and/or one of his favorite toys. Don't be afraid to grab junior's favorite dinosaur and simulate feeding them. Your child may just eventually follow suit... feed the toy, and then sneak a piece into his mouth himself. Often times it's all just about getting the ball rolling and getting your child to dip their toes in the water.

Don't be afraid to be creative and don't be over-principled when your child is being fussy - get them fed - nothing makes a kid scream harder than being hungry...

... even when they won't eat.


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  1. Now there is some good solid advice! Even though My son Ryker is only 7 months now... he is all about doing things when it's his idea, thus I see how using the scavenger hunt method would be a great way to foster his independence and encourage him to eat. Unfortunately I think in my situation Ryker would lose out in the end due to the fact that my dog is lighting fast and has an acute sense of smell when food is present. I guess I'll just have to lock ol' River dog up in the closet for 30 minutes at meal time.

    Okay... I would never lock my dog in the closet for 30 minutes, that would be cruel. 15... eh... maybe!