Saturday, 11 July 2015

Team Green Rolling!

Our U4 soccer team has reached such prowess that we are destroying teams each week. It's ugly out there. The opposing parents and coaches... not enjoying it as much as us!!! Woot! 

I would say in the last 4 weeks, we have outscored the opposition approximately 60-5. Every game is about 15-1 or thereabouts. Nobody ACTUALLY keeps count but obviously you keep a running total in your head, or of who on the team has scored a least.

And if I put my foot on the throttle, it'd be 25, not 15. We just seem to be improving a little quicker than the other teams. Really, really jacked about how well the kids have taken to it and have come ready to play each week. Tall order from a 4y old, so I assume they're enjoying themselves as much as Coach is.

Tommy about to score one for Team Green!

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