Saturday, 25 July 2015

Soccer Pride and Prowess

So proud of tommy today. This morning at soccer, we encountered a real problem child on the other team. He was kicking kids and then pushed my smallest kid to the ground very forcefully. I spoke to his mom (also the other coach) and she did nothing. Enter Tommy. 

Didn't say anything... wasn't uber aggressive... just started bossing the kid around the park like he was his own personal you know what. Kid got even more frustrated and more physical and STILL Tommy didn't resort to uber aggression, he just stepped up his finesse, and his footie game. There may have been a straight elbow to the other kid's mouth that I didn't see, but for the most part it just looked like Tommy willed the other kid off the pitch. Not only did Tommy instantly strip him of the ball every time he touched it, T scored FIVE more today, including a natural hat trick in less than 3 minutes, and basically set a tone that could not be equaled by any other player on the field. #‎solid 

And we destroyed yet another team - the only team that had given us a game earlier in the year. Today, it was about 11 or 12 to 2. I'm proud of all my team for playing with control and not getting ratty, but I'm proudest of my son for recognizing that he's a big kid... this is his team... and if you push them around... you are gonna get a visit from the T man. And he's bringing quiet pain. 

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